About Us

Queensland Civil Transport Training

About Us

QTLT is a leading professional organisation dedicated to the advancement of the transport and logistics industry by providing for world-class training for its professionals. We strive to promote and practice the highest level of education standards via professional certification programs in a wide range of courses.

Our People

The people at QTLT and our Partners are creative, supportive and passionate about education and training in the transport and logistics industry. We all have backgrounds in the industry but with different applications in the training programs. You will find that we have the kind of people that you will want to work with as you reach for your fullest potential in the industry.

Our Clients

Our clients at QTLT are a diverse bunch. We have individuals who want to advance their careers in the industry by taking advanced courses. We also have organisations, such as corporations and non-profit associations that want their employees and beneficiaries to enjoy the benefits of world-class training in transport and logistics.

Our Partners

If you couldn't find suitable time or course for your needs, we highly recommend our trusted partners delivering quality training:

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